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Vietnam Visa for German

Vietnam always attaches great importance to boosting cooperation with Germany, with a current focus on carrying out the “German House in HCM City” project and turning the Vietnam-Germany University into a regionally and internationally prestigious institution, as well as visa exemptions for German diplomatic passport holders.

Vietnam warmest welcome tourists and investors from Germany come to visit and invest  in Vietnam. Getting a visa for enter Vietnam now easy than ever for German passport holders with visa on arrival system installed at international airports of Vietnam (Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi city, Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) city, Da Nang international airport in Da Nang city, Cam Ranh international airport in Nha Trang city).

Before the time of Vietnam visa on arrival open, German citizens have to visit Vietnam embassy in Berlin or Vietnam consulate in Frankfurt, Germany at least 2 times to get a visa for enter Vietnam, one for submit Vietnam visa application forms and one for getting back your passport with the visa.

However, with Vietnam visa on arrival service, you now just stay at home or office to fill online through visa agent in Vietnam, then they will take care all procedure and document required from Vietnam Immigration Department to get approval letter allowing you enter and pick up visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam. It’s fast, cheap and easy.

What is the approval letter ? Please see below for the sample of the approval letter from Vietnam Immigration for  picking up visa on arrival at the airports of Vietnam.

When you arrive Vietnam airport, you will see an office for visa on arrival (also called landing visa office) located in front of immigration line, go there to get your visa stamped with the approval letter before check out the airport.

Vietnam visa requirement for German passport holders

We would like to notify you that Germany passport holders are required Vietnam visas to enter Vietnam.
How to get Vietnam visa in Germany?
You can get your Vietnam visa in this country by the 2 following ways:
1. Apply for your Vietnam visa in a Vietnam Embassy / Consulate:
You can come in person to the Vietnam embassy in your country and you will be instructed step by step on how to apply for a Vietnam visa there. By this way, you have to come directly to the Vietnam embassy at least two times. The first time you come there is to submit required documents and the second one coming there is to get your Vietnam visa.
You can refer to the contact information of the Vietnam embassy and consulte Germany in as below:
Botschaft der Vietnam in Deutschland
- Address: Elsenstraße 3, 12435 Berlin-Treptow, Deutschland (Germany)
- Telephone: (030) 536 30 108 (Zentrale) or (030) 536 30 102 (Visum)
- Fax: (030) 536 30 200
- E-mail:
- Website :
Consulate General of Vietnam in Frankfurt, Germany
- Address : Villa Hanoi, Kennedy-Allee 49, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
- Consular Address: Pass- und Visastelle ist in der Rubenstraße 30, 60596 Frankfurt/M (Nebeneingang von Villa Hanoi).
- Telephone : 49-69-795 336 50
- Fax: 49-69-795 336 511
- E-mail : or
- Website :

2.  Apply online (1) to obtain an approval letter (2) to pick up your Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airports (in case you travel by air to Vietnam) or to collect your Vietnam visa at any Vietnam Embassy / Consulate nominated by you.
a) Regarding apply online to obtain a visa approval letter to pick up visa at a Vietnam international airport, there are 3 options based on the purpose of your visit:
- Vietnam visa for business purpose with validity for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.
- Vietnam visa for tourist purpose with validity for 1 month only.
- Vietnam visa for transit purpose with validity less than 5 days then visa holders must depart to a third country after 5 days in Vietnam at maximum. You will be granted a transit visa on the condition that you travel by tour and the group must have clear schedule and indemnify of a travel agency that organizes the tour.
To apply for a Vietnam visa, please follow the simple steps as below:
- Fill in your online application form at our website
- Make payment for us as per instructions.
- Obtain your visa approval letter via our email.
If you still can’t receive any approval letter within the required time, please let us know immediately via our email
b) Regarding apply online to get approval letter for picking up your visa at a Vietnam embassy nominated by you, there are 2 options for your Vietnam visa based on the purpose of your visit:
- Vietnam visa for business purpose with validity for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.
- Vietnam visa for tourist purpose with validity for 1 month only.
It means that if you apply for an approval letter online in our website, you can save the time you have to spend to wait for the procedure of getting a visa approval letter in the Vietnam embassy. We will get the approval letter for you and send it to your email, all you need to do is print it out and come to the Vietnam Embassy just ONE TIME to get your Vietnam visa and pay for the visa fee.
Please note that our instructions to get Vietnam visa is for reference only. All the information on this page is provided “as is”, without warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, fitness for a particular use of purpose, including warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement or otherwise.
Apply online (1) : means apply online through an authorized agent in Vietnam. An agent must be Vietnam establishment with registered business license and qualifications then can be authorized by Visa Vietnam Department (Government).
Approval letter (2) : is the official letter approved by Visa Vietnam Department (Government). There are 2 types of the approval letter: 1) Approval letter for picking up visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airports and 2) Approval letter for collecting visa at a Vietnam embassy.
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