Friday, December 13, 2013

Vietnam Tourist Visa Requirements for German Citizens

German citizens need a visa to visit Vietnam. Visa exemption or visa-free access does not apply to Germany. A visa allows a stay of up to 30 days. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months on the date of entry.
Most countries issue visas through embassies, visa on arrival offices or electronic visa (e-Visa) providers. The cost, processing time, requirements and types of visa issued vary. 

It is possible to stay longer than 30 days without leaving the country. You can do it by applying for a visa extension or getting a visa allowing a stay of more than 30 days. 

If you plan to exit and re-enter the country numerous times, a multiple-entry visa will simplify matters. You can stay up to 30 days during each visit, and no minimum gap is required between visits. 

We advise you not to overstay your visit at all costs. If you cannot avoid an overstay, however, you will most likely be fined an amount that costs more than a visa extension, visa run or new visa. In most cases, you will not be thrown in jail. 

German citizens transiting in Vietnam should consult with their airlines about the possibility of getting a transit visa, maximum transit time allowed and flight delay policies. If you are flying point to point on a budget airline without a transit visa, you will need a tourist visa to clear immigration upon arrival.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Germany

For Germany, travelling to Vietnam is required to have visas. Therefore, all the people of Germany want to enter Vietnam must obtain a Vietnam visa. In Germany, you can ask travel agents in Vietnam to apply visa on arrival for you instead of coming to remote consulates/ embassies in your local country visa to enter Germany. For the case of Vietnam Visa applicants, in addition to fees for service is $16 US for one month single entry visa to $28 US for three month single entry visa, paid in USD at the bank exchange rate at the time of application with payment by credit card, does not collect any other fee. Please refer to Visa Fee here (payable in USD by credit card, Western Union, wire transfer). Upon arriving to Vietnam Int’l airport, you will pay for VOA check –in counter $ 25 US – $ 50 US for stamping fee only. Please prepare money in cash because ATMs are not always available at this location & make your troubles. tries to solve the visa application for you quickly. To facilitate our work, please:

- Use the online application, you can fill out and submit your visa application online

- Fill in online forms correctly and fully

- Full submission of the required documents and

- Apply for a visa on time prescribed in the Code of visa: no later than  3 days and as early as 1 years before the trip.

After filling out an online application form, you will receive confirmation e-mail. When process is finished as schedule, you can check mail & print a copy of the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter and all other required documents. Just bring them to the airport to get your visa stamped onto your passport!

Hours of opening:
8:30 to 11:30 a.m

The visa form is free and can also be downloaded from the VietnamSvisa's webpage.
Germany citizens are subject to prior consultation before being granted the visa. After receiving your visa, kindly verify that the information on your Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is correct. If not, please notify us before 1 day from your date of arrival. Please take a look at our Promises & Commitments to know more in details.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visa Exemption For Vietnamese And Cambodian Citizens

As from Jan. 1, 2010, Vietnamese and Cambodian citizens holding ordinary passports valid for at least six months will enjoy visa exemption if they enter or transit the other country, according to the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department.
Those citizens of one country may stay in the other country for up to 30 days instead of 14 days as before, says the department.
Vietnam and Cambodia signed an agreement on visa exemption for ordinary passport holders on November 4, 2008. The agreement, which took effect on December 5, 2008, stipulated that these holders are exempted from visas if they stay in the other country for not more than 14 days.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Whoever living in Germany has German or other nationalities which are not in the Vietnam Visa exemption list that must have Visa to enter Vietnam.

You can get Vietnam Visa in Germany in two ways:

1. Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival and Visa stamped at Vietnam International Airports by applying online in website

Vietnam Visa On Arrival is effective for citizens who are living far away from the Vietnamese Embassies and do not want to lose the issues (passport, money or documents) by postal mail.

- Visa Administrative Institution: at Vietnam Immigration Department via applying in this website

- Processing time: 1 to 2 working days. In rush service you can get visa Vietnam in 30 minutes to 4 hours.

- Required Documents: No documents needed

- How does it work? Just access in website, fill the form online, you are going to receive a Confirmation Letter in a few minutes to know when you will get the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter. Normally The Approval Letter is coming to you via email within 2 working days or from 4 – 8 working hours (urgent service), in 30 minutes (in emergency).

Finally you take this letter + your passport + 2 photos + stamping fee 25 USD dollars for single entry or 50 USD for multiple entries to get your visa at airport. Further information, please visit application process.

2. Get Vietnam Entry Visa at Vietnam Embassies in Germany

If you apply for Visa to Vietnamin person at the Vietnam Embassy in Germany, you need to know:

- Visa administrative Institution: Vietnam Embassy

- Processing time: it depends on you how fast you need. But for sure, you should make a call to Vietnam Embassy for details.

- Required documents: passport, money and 1 new envelope with stamp on it and your exact home address in order to avoid losing issues.

2.1 Embassy of Vietnam in Berlin, Germany
Address: Elsenstrasse 3, Treptow, 12435 Berlin, GERMANY
Phone: (030) 536 30 10
Fax: (030) 536 30 20
Office hours: Monday – Friday: Morning: 9.00a.m – 12h30p.m Afternoon: 13.30p.m – 17.00p.m

2.2 Consulate General of Vietnam in FRANKFURT, Germany
Phone: (00- 49 – 69) 7

Fax: (00- 49 – 69) 7
Officer hours: Monday – Friday: Morning: 08.30 — 12.30 Afternoon: 13.30 — 17.30


- Before applying for Vietnam visa, make sure your passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages.

- For visa on arrival option, it is applicable for those traveling by air to Vietnam.

For any further information, please kindly contact us. We are willing and pleased to assist you at our best!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vietnam embassy in Australia

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Australia ?
Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Canberra, Australia
Address: 6 Timbarra Crescent, O’Malley, ACT, 2606, Canberra, Australia
Telephone: (02) 62868465; (02) 62866059; (02) 62901556; (02) 62901894; (02) 62866267
Fax: 61 – 2 – 6286 4534

Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney, Australia
Address: Suite 205, level 2, Edgecliff Centre, 203 – 233 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia 2027.
Telephone: 02 93271912 / 02 93272539
Fax: 02 93281653
PO Box: 732, Edgecliff, N.S.W 2027
Working time:
Monday – Thursday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Friday: 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
Australian public holidays are excepted.

Complete Name: Commonwealth of Australia
Native Name: Australia
Capital: Canberra
Principal Agglomerations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast – Tweed Heads, Newcastle, Canberra, Queanbeyan, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast (Caloundra), Hobart

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vietnam Visa for German

Vietnam always attaches great importance to boosting cooperation with Germany, with a current focus on carrying out the “German House in HCM City” project and turning the Vietnam-Germany University into a regionally and internationally prestigious institution, as well as visa exemptions for German diplomatic passport holders.

Vietnam warmest welcome tourists and investors from Germany come to visit and invest  in Vietnam. Getting a visa for enter Vietnam now easy than ever for German passport holders with visa on arrival system installed at international airports of Vietnam (Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi city, Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) city, Da Nang international airport in Da Nang city, Cam Ranh international airport in Nha Trang city).

Before the time of Vietnam visa on arrival open, German citizens have to visit Vietnam embassy in Berlin or Vietnam consulate in Frankfurt, Germany at least 2 times to get a visa for enter Vietnam, one for submit Vietnam visa application forms and one for getting back your passport with the visa.

However, with Vietnam visa on arrival service, you now just stay at home or office to fill online through visa agent in Vietnam, then they will take care all procedure and document required from Vietnam Immigration Department to get approval letter allowing you enter and pick up visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam. It’s fast, cheap and easy.

What is the approval letter ? Please see below for the sample of the approval letter from Vietnam Immigration for  picking up visa on arrival at the airports of Vietnam.

When you arrive Vietnam airport, you will see an office for visa on arrival (also called landing visa office) located in front of immigration line, go there to get your visa stamped with the approval letter before check out the airport.

Vietnam visa requirement for German passport holders

We would like to notify you that Germany passport holders are required Vietnam visas to enter Vietnam.
How to get Vietnam visa in Germany?
You can get your Vietnam visa in this country by the 2 following ways:
1. Apply for your Vietnam visa in a Vietnam Embassy / Consulate:
You can come in person to the Vietnam embassy in your country and you will be instructed step by step on how to apply for a Vietnam visa there. By this way, you have to come directly to the Vietnam embassy at least two times. The first time you come there is to submit required documents and the second one coming there is to get your Vietnam visa.
You can refer to the contact information of the Vietnam embassy and consulte Germany in as below:
Botschaft der Vietnam in Deutschland
- Address: Elsenstraße 3, 12435 Berlin-Treptow, Deutschland (Germany)
- Telephone: (030) 536 30 108 (Zentrale) or (030) 536 30 102 (Visum)
- Fax: (030) 536 30 200
- E-mail:
- Website :
Consulate General of Vietnam in Frankfurt, Germany
- Address : Villa Hanoi, Kennedy-Allee 49, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
- Consular Address: Pass- und Visastelle ist in der Rubenstraße 30, 60596 Frankfurt/M (Nebeneingang von Villa Hanoi).
- Telephone : 49-69-795 336 50
- Fax: 49-69-795 336 511
- E-mail : or
- Website :

2.  Apply online (1) to obtain an approval letter (2) to pick up your Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airports (in case you travel by air to Vietnam) or to collect your Vietnam visa at any Vietnam Embassy / Consulate nominated by you.
a) Regarding apply online to obtain a visa approval letter to pick up visa at a Vietnam international airport, there are 3 options based on the purpose of your visit:
- Vietnam visa for business purpose with validity for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.
- Vietnam visa for tourist purpose with validity for 1 month only.
- Vietnam visa for transit purpose with validity less than 5 days then visa holders must depart to a third country after 5 days in Vietnam at maximum. You will be granted a transit visa on the condition that you travel by tour and the group must have clear schedule and indemnify of a travel agency that organizes the tour.
To apply for a Vietnam visa, please follow the simple steps as below:
- Fill in your online application form at our website
- Make payment for us as per instructions.
- Obtain your visa approval letter via our email.
If you still can’t receive any approval letter within the required time, please let us know immediately via our email
b) Regarding apply online to get approval letter for picking up your visa at a Vietnam embassy nominated by you, there are 2 options for your Vietnam visa based on the purpose of your visit:
- Vietnam visa for business purpose with validity for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.
- Vietnam visa for tourist purpose with validity for 1 month only.
It means that if you apply for an approval letter online in our website, you can save the time you have to spend to wait for the procedure of getting a visa approval letter in the Vietnam embassy. We will get the approval letter for you and send it to your email, all you need to do is print it out and come to the Vietnam Embassy just ONE TIME to get your Vietnam visa and pay for the visa fee.
Please note that our instructions to get Vietnam visa is for reference only. All the information on this page is provided “as is”, without warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, fitness for a particular use of purpose, including warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement or otherwise.
Apply online (1) : means apply online through an authorized agent in Vietnam. An agent must be Vietnam establishment with registered business license and qualifications then can be authorized by Visa Vietnam Department (Government).
Approval letter (2) : is the official letter approved by Visa Vietnam Department (Government). There are 2 types of the approval letter: 1) Approval letter for picking up visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airports and 2) Approval letter for collecting visa at a Vietnam embassy.
Source :